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    Pandora Glass Charms Teal Lattice 791625

Pandora Glass Charms Teal Lattice 791625


Beaded Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet Thread the needle and knot the ends of the thread together.

Hold the knotted ends jewelers that sell pandora and drop the needle to the floor, so the needle pandora silver charms is centered on the thread. Fold the leather cord in half to form a loop in the center and tie the thread and leather cord together with an overhand knot at the pandora jewelry deals center of the leather. Clip the loop end of the leather to the top of a piece of cardboard. Use a second clip to attach the leather ends to the bottom of the board, leaving the thread loose. Wrap the thread over the right strand of leather bringing it around to the outside of the leather. Then wrap it under the right strand and over the left strand to the outside edge. Continue to weave it under the left strand and over the right in a simple figure 8 pattern. Do this five to six times, pulling the thread tight to form a binding. Be sure not to pull the thread up too far on the loop. You need room for the bead or button clasp to move through the loop. Add a bead to the thread and and stitch the thread over the right cord, back underneath the right cord, and weave it back through the bead and over the left cord. Bring the thread under the left cord and add another bead in the middle. Weave the thread through the bead, repeating step five until you reach the desired length. Keep the beads pulled snugly against the leather and make certain the stitches all face the same way. Finish by forming several stitches without beads like you did at the pandora bracelets and charms store locator beginning.

Tie the button onto the leather, making the knot in the back. Trim the leather strands. Secure the knots with dots of hot glue if needed.

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