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Charges Laid in the Murder of Patrick Alexander LeBlanc Two men have been charged with second degree murder in the slaying last April of New Westminster resident Patrick LeBlanc.

Despite a history in the drug trade, LeBlanc, 67, was believed to have been killed over a dispute with two other men that had nothing to do with drugs or organized crime. Insp. Kevin Hackett, of the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, said the two accused Russell Benson, 38, and Glen Ahnert, 28 were arrested Sept. 1 in Manitoba and Ontario. There were cooperating witnesses to the death, which is believed to have occurred in the 1800 block of Victoria Diversion (across from the Croatian Cultural Centre) in Vancouver. LeBlanc body was found stuffed in the trunk of his car in New Westminster on April 9. I don doubt for a second that he was kind hearted to his friends, but there was something extremely shady about him (mostly because a guy his age would be out partying, bumping and grinding with chicks less than half his age). Especially about his business liked to mention how he worked in liquidation and hand out business cards like it was candy, but never divulged exactly what he did in. For all we knew, he could have been running a dollar store. I had the pleasure of meeting Patty on a few occassions and I am a woman and never found him to be creepy or sleezy. You losers saying he deserved this because he probably hit on someones girlfriend are just as pychopathic as the losers who killed this poor man and very brutally. If you only knew what they did to him. I do and it is sickening and only mentally deranged, violent scumbags do this to people. I hope they get locked up and the keys thrown away. Anyone who could post rude comments on here when this man was tortured and brutally killed are scumbags also. Probably friends of these 2 losers who did this to this poor man. Stay away from people who do meth (Patty did not) but these 2 scumbags did and are the type of people you will meet. Just look at their previous criminal records, theft, drug drealing, assualts, murder was next and it shows how screwed up our justice system is here as they got conditional senteces for most of these crimes. These meth addicts are all Losers, thieves, murderers, the lowest of the lowest, they dont get any lower than this and sadly Patty was introduced to these losers and pandora charm bracelet gold it cost him his life. And the person who introduced him is just as disgusting as these 2 and he knows who he is. He should have been charged also. That poor man, no one deserves to die such a brutal, violent death because of jealousy. Its sickening and when its 2 pychos with a weapon against one without one, it just makes these 2 cowards and if they think they are so tough and scary they better think again, they are just a joke. Lets see how tough they are in prison with the real bad criminals, hopefully they will get a dam good beating in there and put in their pathetic places soon!! im happy these guys have been caught but its nowhere near how sad i am my friend is gone. i know paddy since 1978 and im horrified that this is how he passed. justice and karma will come full circle to these two who have taken this life. i read these other comments on here and i realize these people didnt really know patty or they wouldnt say these things,they only saw what he wanted them to see and he didnt care about their opinion of it. men like paddy and his friends are the kinda men these commenters line up to see movies about and they are remembered as men of honor and class by those who knew them nothing they say can ever change that. they also had many younger friends/associates/family that they raised up and helped along and those are the ones that have concern and issue with what has happened at the hands of these killers. i will be following along and it is my sincere hope that justice be served in this case. i commend the police for going to the lengths necesary to apprehend these two and i offer my most respectful heartfelt condolences to his family and all other friends out there. i miss you but i dont forget you and i see you again someday r i p old friend Word on the street is that one of these guys Russ Benson has been charged with murder 2 times prior to this horrific one so I think that is worth the reporter who does this blog to investigate. Why??? Because if this true, how in the hell was this phycopath still wandering around our streets, just so he could find his next victim. Very very screwed up justice system here in BC. Will he walk on this one too. Sadly he just may because this is BC. These 2 guys and all the other lowlife people putting rude comments on here about Patty are the lowest of the low, you can get any lower than these type of scumbags. They are ugly, dirty, homeless, theiving, drug addicted, alcholics, hard core criminals with absolutely pathetic, pitiful lives and it enraged them that Patty worked and had money which he was very generous with, and these losers had none, Patty had class and style, these losers were scumbags, disgusting people, Patty was everything that these losers knew they would never ever be able to be and it infuriated them and thats why they did what they did. So sad, so sad. These 2 guys are mentally deranged for what they did and for nothing, they should be locked up and the key thrown away because they are clearly clearly a danger to society. And they actually think they are so tough and scary for doing this to a senior man. I wonder what these jerks would do if someone did pandora watches australia the exact same thing to one of their grandparents. People who harm animals, children or seniors anger the big bad criminals so hopefully these scumbags will both also get dam good beatings in jail and the guards will turn the other way. and reported on it. And there were no other murder cases. Could the charges be from another province? Ive known Russ for over 15 yrs and at one time would have called him a friend. He had had a serious drinking problem for can you order pandora bracelets online as long as ive known him but he started using Meth about 7 yrs ago and it had some pretty messed up effects on him. anyone that talked to him knew right away that there was something wrong in his head. His psychosis made him larger than life in his own head. on the few occasions where i had seen him in past few yrs he would go off on these long elaborate stories about how he had all these amazing injuries (broken bones, fractures, scull fractures and so on and so on) that were absolutely unbelievable. i would just have to laugh to myself and think. this guy is messed up. but i would never have thought that something like this would have happened. he was honestly all talk and no action. i am completely disgusted with this tragedy and my heart goes out to everybody who is in pain and grieving now because of this. My appreciation to the Police Officers involved in the investigation and those who worked with the police to identify and charge the people alleged to have carried out the murder. Far too often in our society today people forget that it is the obligation of EVERY PERSON WHO CALLS THEMSELVES A CANADIAN CITIZEN to do what they can to reduce crime and criminal gangs. People who not want to get involved or are scared to get involved are cowards who have no right to call themselves Canadian citizens or enjoy all of the things that Canada has to offer. The police can only collect the evidence available and have it presented in court. is statistically at the very low end of the Canadian murder solve rate comparison. citizen witness involvement is sadly lacking. As a society we get the crime or crime free lifestyle that we are willing to stand up for. first off I am sorry for everyones loss, not wanting to sound cold heart at all because it is very sad and I know what it is like to lose someone to tragic circumstances. But someone needs to get their facts straight, there is no way that this Russ guy has been charged with murder 2 times already and still be walking the streets. There are so many people out there especially in van with substance abuse problems, they are not all thieves, gang bangers and whatever else you want say that ALL addicts do, that is a horrible stero type. While you are listing off their previous offences why dont you look at Patricks as well drug trafficking????? how do you think addicts become addicts? low lifes that deal to them. Drug dealers are just as bad as murderers, they make money off of others downfalls and slowly kill them with the drugs they provide. Under no circumstances would I ever agree with or try to justify what these guys have done, its just not right but please think before you run on about things you do not know about. I knew Russ and Glenn very well at one point in my life they were very generous and nice people Glenn had a very kind heart when I knew him and I cant imagine he has changed that much. Keep your head up buddy I thought you would pull through. I would like to order the transcripts of the Trial and find out what really happened because I can not see either of them going out with the intention of killing someone. I would bet that they got into an altercation and things went sideways, they panicked and did what they thought was the best. I do not agree with what they did but I also do not believe this Patty fellow is completely inocent Glenn and Russ are not guys that do business with inocent people and would definately not hurt an innocent person. Also Glenn I hope you are ok and keep your head up. You all think you know what went down? Really? Paddy was a pig, being the same old crap merchant he has always been. The young girl he was out Try the young girl he was trying to buy with his money and drugs. Russ was a crazy (and still is) bastard who fell for the same girl line of bullshit, along with others who have paid the price with broken hearts, jail sentances and worse. The fact others are missing is the OTHER girl both Russ and Paddy had issue over. Another tragic young figure in the Vancouver meth scene, who Paddy had offered to before with drugs and cash for sex. Let no one who ever reads this tale make a mistake about it: There were six people there that night, they toutured him for hours before cutting off his genitals and stuffing them down his throat. He desreved a hell of a beating to be sure, but Russ is, without a doubt, the man who took a personal hate against him and turned it into murder. He is not a nice guy at all. People who were fooled by his child like mind and grandiose tales obviously thought him a bit simple. But for many years he was a gun toting, evil bastard who beat, robbed, toutured and killed people. Others there that night, by no means an innocent one amonst them, were forced to partake in the killing under threat of they themselves being killed. An attempted All For One type of a pact, thinking that would save them from anyone telling tales. Would love to have a chat with the poster just before this one, sounds like they actually know a bit about what went down. But the public? The Police? The news? As usual, clueless to the truths in the myriad cesspool of Vancouvers overwhelming drug scene. In the end, this is one of those stories were everyone either has, or soon will be getting thier just deserts. Frenchie the one eyed wonder FREAK should have been charged with this gruesome murder also as he is the fucking goof who was living and working at this warehouse where Patty was murdered and who brought all these loser meth heads to this place and let Patty walk right into this MURDER THIS PIECE OF SHIT DID NOTHING TO TRY TO STOP RUSS PLANS TO TORTURE AND KILL PATTY, JUST STOOD THERE AND LET THIS POOR SENIOR MAN BE TORTURED FOR HOURS AND THEN BRUTALLY KILLED AND THEN CLEANED UP THE POOR GUY BLOOD AS HE WAS STUFFED IN THE TRUNK OF HIS CAR AND BEING DRIVEN TO NEW WEST bullshit about how the other people who were present that night were made to partake in this murder for fear of being killed themselves is such bullshit no one could ever make me stand there and watch them kill someone I knew that is for fucking sure And I agree BMX GIRL keep your opinions off of here because you are a fucking idiot who doesn have a clue what the fuck you are talking about who gives a shit what you believe about these 2 assholes and how great you think they are THEY TORTURED A SENIOR MAN WITH A KNIFE FOR HOURS THEN CUT OFF HIS GENITALS AND STUFFED THEM IN HIS MOUTH AND BRUTALLY KILLED THIS MAN BECAUSE OF SOME STUPID BITCH NAMED MALLORY WHO PATTY HAD BAILED OUT OF JAIL AS THE FUCKING LOSER RUSS BENSON DIDNT HAVE THE MONEY TO I DON KNOW WHAT PART OF THIS YOU ARE NOT GETTING YOU STUPID BITCH THESE 2 BRUTALLY KILLED A MAN OVER SOME JUNKIE GIRL AND YOU ARE ON HERE RAVING ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY ARE YOU NEED A GOOD SLAP IN THE HEAD Hi Leblanc, this news should make you and the rest of your family very happy ( it made me very happy) Russ Benson hung himself in prison so that piece of shit is now in hell where he belongs. RIP Patty!!! Supposedly he was in protective custody because there were some heavy duty people in there that wanted to kill him for what he did to Patty so the coward hung himself. RIP Patty!!! Supposedly he was in protective custody because there were some heavy duty people in there that wanted to kill him for what he did to Patty so the coward hung himself. I have uncovered more scandal and facts regarding certain issues not crimes that had the reporters covering these stories gotten off their asses and did the same they would have found it out also and then when you contact them and inform them their info is wrong and provide the facts they do not report them. But as I said earlier, you are obviously well respected, my gosh even the gangsters trust you so that says something. Anyways I am so thrilled that those 2 pigs that killed poor Paddy both got lengthy prison terms. The sad thing is there were about 6 other people present and none of them got charged and that is disgusting. They claimed they couldn leave out of fear, that Russ threatened to kill them, blah blah blah and that is such bs no one and I mean no one could ever make me stand in a room and watch anyone being tortured for hours and then murdered, I would be out of there so fast and contacting the police so its a bit of a victory but our justice system is such a joke here it doesn surprise me. pandora radio new zealand Paddy gave this homeless drug addict named Frenchie with one eye a chance at life and gave him a job at that warehouse and let him live there also and his loser friends meth heads all started hanging around and Frenchie knew Russ was going to kill Paddy that night and did nothing to stop it, that is how he repayed Paddys kindness to him and it was Frenchie who cleaned up all the blood and mess trying to cover the murder up so please tell me why this loser didn get charged also. I just don get it. kim you cover crime in this city so could you please tell me why that 72 yr old crazy man who was walking around kits beach in broad daylight with a concealed weapon (a knife) that he later pulled out and stabbed a dog that was on leash to death that his off leash little yappy dog ran up to and was being aggressive to and then fled the scene did not get charged by the VPD for weapons charges. You see people getting charged with weapons offences all the time so why not this man, I bet if it was a 19 year old kid that did this they would have been charged. How did the police come to the conclusion that the pocket knife this man was carrying was not a as defined in the criminal code. This is what I mean about reporters not getting the facts or going after them. This horrific incident is a prime example of how irresponsible the reporters are in this city? It also sends out a message that we all can walk around with concealed knives on us and stab people pets even each other and get away with it. This man was breaking the law as his dog was off leash in an on leash area, he let it run up and torment a pitbull on leash and when the dog bit its ear as was its right to defend himself the old fart pulls out a knife and stabs it to death, flees the scene and the VPD won be charging him. They are a joke. Having a dog off leash may be a bylaw offence it is NOT a criminal code offence. I am busy with a murder trial involving six human victims. Not sure why you are attacking my colleagues, however. I have seen coverage of all angles of this story the perspective of both dog owners, the police and the SPCA. People are allowed to carry pocket knives (like a Swiss Army knife.) While police have said they don expect charges, my understanding is the SPCA may come to a different conclusion. And while the smaller dog was off leash, that doesn give the bigger dog the right to chomp it. Children are off leash. Is it okay if they bitten? Dogs shouldn be biting other dogs or any other living thing. thank you for just proving my point as your information if very incorrect and you are clearly biased and don know the laws as well as I thought you might as you can not carry a swiss army knife concealed on your person as it is considered a weapon. And no children were involved so your comment there was unwarranted and yes kim if im walking down the street with my german shepherd on leash and an on off leash yappy little dog comes charging at my dog yapping in his face being aggressive she has every right to defend herself. You are just like all the other reporters the cops never explained why this man was not being charged with weapons offences because no reporter asked them. And I am attacking the media and how they are to lazy to go out there and find the facts, they all just at their desks waiting for newstips to come in. NO NEED TO REPLY Oh, I reply. You come on here and make all kinds of bogus accusations. Yes, someone has the right to carry a swiss army knife (see the criminal code excerpt below!) And you missed a key point in describing bite neither dog owner could get the pit bull to release its grip. So it wasn a matter of a little bite or even a bigger defensive bite. It was a matter of a locked jaw bite that the dog owner could not get the dog to release. It is tragic. If the older man deserves to be charged or ticketed for his actions, I sure it will happen. I have a German Shepherd too and if she had a death grip on a smaller dog, even if she was on leash, I would understand the consequences of that.

Here are the prohibited knives in the criminal code of Canada: Former Prohibited Weapons Order, No. 4 8. The device known as the "Constant Companion", being a belt containing a blade capable of being withdrawn from the belt, with the buckle of the belt forming a handle for the blade, and any similar device.

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