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    Darling Daisies, White Enamel

Darling Daisies, White Enamel


BBC One London The day that 20,000 strangers have strived for, sweated for, dreamed about and dreaded, is here.

They will join the ranks of an ever increasing, but still exclusive band who have accepted the ultimate challenge. BBC cameras cover the whole race live, from the start at Blackheath to the finish, 26 miles of hard road later, on Westminster Bridge. At the head of the race the lite runners compete for the AAA championship and possible selection for the Olympic Games, but equally important is the progress of the main bulk of the runners further back. DAVID COLEMAN, RON PICKERING and BRENDAN FOSTER pandora wife charm commentate on the event, and BOB WILSON, ALAN PARRY and KIERAN PRENDIVILLE are out and about talking to the competitors and their supporters. Jesus: His Life and Teaching Go and Preach! Jesus was himself a preacher, and also sent out his disciples on preaching tours. What is the importance of proclamation or preaching? Is it the chief purpose of the church? What does it involve? From the College Chapel, St John 's College with Cranmer Hall, Durham Speaker The Principal, RUTH ETCHELLS Organist STEPHEN MULLINS Bible readings: Isaah 52, v 7; John 1, v 9; Luke 4, vv 16 21; Luke 7, vv 22 23 Hymns: 0 for discount authentic pandora charms a thousand tongues to sing; How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him; Tell out, my soul, the greatness nile jewelry of the Lord (Woodlands); The race that long in darkness pined (Dundee) Sound ROY BRADSHAW Lighting GEOFF LOMAS Producer NOEL VINCENT Tonight's hymns chosen by Songs of Praise viewers come from all over the British Isles, bracelet pandora price and include such all time favourites as 'Guide me, 0 thou great Jehovah' from Tewkesbury Abbey, and 'Deep harmony' sung, by the Treverva Male Voice Choir, for holiday makers at Coverack Harbour in Cornwall last summer. As this is the start of Christian Aid Week, Thora also visits their headquarters in Brixton to find out about the work and care behind the posters and collecting boxes. What a friend we have in Jesus (Converse); When I needed a neighbour; Let us break bread together: Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us (Mannheim); When I survey the wondrous cross (Great Soul); 0 Jesus I have promised (Day of Rest); Guide me 0 thou great Jehovah (Cwm Rhondda); Sweet is the work (Deep Harmony); Crown him with many crowns (Diademata) Director JULIAN BRISCOE Producer ELIZABETH GORT Keith Carradine, Shelley Duvall This remarkable film follows the fate and misfortunes of three prisoners who abscond from a Mississippi farm penitentiary.

With the 1930s depression at its height they revert to crime, robbing banks and eventually committing murder. Almost inexorably, circumstances, the law and their own differing natures create a strangle hold on their lives and emotions. Carradine and Duvall are outstanding as the gentle and doomed lovers whose affair forms the central theme and leads to one of the most memorable and terrifying climaxes in the history of the movies.

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