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court case shines light on practices of Sahota landlords The Sahota siblings own property across Metro Vancouver worth millions but they couldn't give a Downtown Eastside tenant heat and hot waterA recovering drug addict is standing up tohis multi millionaire landlord in small claims court.

He complained publicly about the lack of heatlast November, when Vancouverwas hit with a bitter cold snap that left him feeling like he was living inside a meat cooler. He hoped hislandlord at the East Hastings Street hotel would quickly addresshis complaints when his frosty tale became a local media event. But it soon became apparent heat and hot water werea low priority even though his disability cheque covering the monthly rent of $450 ispaid on time to Triville Enterprises, a company whose sole director identified in public corporate records is Parkash Sahota. Assessment property records. In addition torunning the dilapidated Regent, the Sahotashave for decades owned other Downtown Eastside single room occupancy (SRO) hotels, including the Balmoral, the Astoria,the Cobalt and The Regal. Gates said whenhe moved into the Regent in 2014, his second floor room was filthy. A recovering drug addict, Gates, 54, has been clean and sober for almost three years butsuffers from arthritis. The cold conditions in his room this winter pandora carms compounded his condition, he said. On Jan. 18, 2016, Gates submitted a nine page document to the province Residential Tenancy Branch outlining in detail his issues at the hotel. In his submissions, Gates saidwhen he complained about the lack of heat, he was given a space heater but it didn work as it tripped the power circuit to his room. In his evidence package to the RTB, Gates said: September 2014, tenant moved into the Regent Hotel. He complained immediately to the front desk management staff that he had no heat and hot water Tenant complained verbally a few times afterwards, but did not get any results He was nervous about complaining too much out of fear of eviction and knowing there are no other rooms to rent in the area. Senayagreed that the basic necessities of heat and hot water should be provided with the monthly rent payment. Gates pandora charms sale online was awarded $1,425 for lack of heat and another $250 for the hot water problem,for a total of $1,675in a ruling against landlord Pal Sahota and Triville. landlord has never offered to relocate him as a result of inadequate heat and the landlord has never offered to reduce his rent as a result of inadequate heat, Senay saidin the RTB decision. Senaydetermined that Gates and others hadcomplained for months to the front desk about the heat and hot water problems, and also found those whocomplained felt jewelry pandora bracelet intimidated by the hotel manager. Assessment is a Shaughnessyhouse assessed at $3.7 million has yet to pay. A warrant was issued because Sahota failed to show up to a mandatory payment hearing. He subsequently did appear and arrest warrant was cancelled. Gates and Sahotaare to appear again in small peoples jewelry claims court on Aug. 16. thought I was going to back down and leave but I wasn't going to do that, Gates said after court. treat tenants like they are not people. And that is not right. may be more backlash with my case," he responded when asked about his future at the Regent Hotel. A week after his appearance in court, Gates was sent a notice that he was being evicted from the Regent. According to the notice, he has 30 days to leave. Pal Sahota has been dealing withserious structural problems at the Balmoral Hotel, acornerstone of his family's vast real estate empire. Located at 159 East Hastings, the Balmoral is home to168 tenants, most of whom are on income assistance and the government subsidized rent of around $450 a month is generally paid directly to the owners. Lately, the ramshackle hotel built in 1908 has been showing its age. In early June, a large, rotten structural beam running across the entire basement ceilingsnapped. The mould encrusted beam hadhad water steadily dripping on it for decades. When itbroke, it caused the tiled bar room dance floor above it to develop a two foot dip. The serving station atthe bar came off its moorings and the ceiling partially collapsed as thestructure shifted. It was feared at the time that the floor would collapse into the basement. OnJune 8, the City of Vancouver shut down the pub and a "Not Safe to Occupy" sign was posted on the front door, citing a compromised floor structure. Balmoral tenant and retiree David Laing said everyone in the eight floor building had concerns when word spread that the beam in the basement had broken. "It has been the talk of the corridors," he said. "The bar collapsing is a concern.

" Shortly after the city shut down the bar, a work crew went into the basement one night and noise could be heard right through until the morning, Laing said. A former tradesman, Laing said tenants feel the beam problem needs professional attention, not a crew working throughout the night. I in in there having my 53rd beer, I definitely don want the floor collapsing when I get up to leave, he said.

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