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    Chequered flags silver dangle with black and white enamel

Chequered flags silver dangle with black and white enamel


Check out stacks of intrigue at this quirky library Loopy, silly, lightweight, cheesy, unapologetically campy and fully willing to embrace its inherent utter nonsense, this new 10 episode fantasy adventure overcomes all its obvious flaws by facing them head on and dismissing them with a cheeky wink and a self aware smile.

on Space with a two part mystery airing in back to back hours, approaches a fairly standard magic and pandora jewerly mythology yarn with a sense of mischief and fun reminiscent of the attitude that makes Indiana Jones and Doctor Who such enduringly likable characters. Central to the storyline is Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), also known as The Librarian, who resides deep, deep, deep below the Earth's surface in a cavernous headquarters hidden below New York City's Metropolitan Public Library. More than just a subterranean book depository, however, Flynn's "library" is a combination archive/warehouse in which many of the world's most important and powerful artifacts from the Ark of the Covenant and the Judas Chalice to Excalibur and Pandora's Box are safeguarded in order to keep the powerful magic they contain from falling into the hands of evil doers. Before being recruited as the latest in a long line of Librarians, Flynn was an average, book obsessed nerd. Once installed in this most important job, however, his eccentric genius was allowed to blossom and his inner swashbuckling hero latest pandora bracelet was unleashed. In the two part series opener, Flynn learns that many of the other brainiacs who were candidates for his job have been murdered. With the help of a newly (and very reluctantly) recruited "guardian" named Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) an anti terrorism agent on suspension from her day job Flynn sets out to confront the shadowy villains responsible for the killings, who also seem bent on stealing the Library's stash of artifacts in order to unleash waves of bad magic on the world. On orders from whomever or whatever actually controls the Library, three young eccentric geniuses are brought in to help Jake Stone (Christian Kane), a highly intelligent art expert posing as a dirt farm ranch hand; Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth), whose uniquely multi layered perception allows her to understand things others can't; and Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), a tech whiz who, until now, has been using his talents to succeed as a mid level thief. The two hour opener, which essentially serves as a torch passing that allows Wyle to step away from day where can i purchase a pandora bracelet to day acting in the series and settle mostly into his role as executive producer, finds the mismatched new discount pandora team racing around the globe in pursuit of King Arthur's crown and, later, the mythical Sword in the Stone, each of which is a key to the immense power the bad guys are after.

Despite some painfully low budget special effects and a few rather clumsily choreographed fight scenes, The Librarians succeeds at creating an intriguing storyline, and delivers it with an attitude and quirky identity that make it a lot of fun to watch. Also in its favour is the fact that several very impressive TV veterans Bob Newhart, Jane Curtin, John Laroquette and Matt Frewer, for starters have seen fit to sign on in recurring support roles. Even with Wyle stepping into the shadows of the back stacks for much of what lies ahead, The Library has enough going for it to make it worth exploring a few more volumes.

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