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Contenders and Pretenders Video All eyes on him Tiger Woods teed off earlier today just before 2 PM eastern.

Hoping to regain his stroke after sliding badly in the rankings over the past year. Tiger shooting for his fifth green jacket but there are others hot on his tail hello. I'm tired and as in New York he with more at the masters gets underway Neil Greenberg. Of the Washington Post afternoon knee out. Good afternoon I all right I'm doing great let's talk about how Tiger Woods is doing he at teed off about an hour ago what could be what the buzz around his chances this year. You know it's pretty big having him return I've seen some on and say he's gonna win the masters and about under say he's gonna. Chuckle massively I don't think we've ever seen such a dichotomy. Gain projections for www pandora charms Tiger Woods but. He's he's shown before that you don't wanna bet against him he struggled a little bit in the open here but dumb we'll have to see how he does there the first round. And I think a look at some of the contenders and pretenders. I'll Bubba Watson from the defending champ hit his third win here. Yes absolutely I mean he's he's game is tailor made for this course has been talked about. Bubba proofing that gust. Try to slow him down a little bit and he has the all around game that you need. Succeed here even the slightly wet conditions will. We'll Polly benefit him he's he's got to be the favorite right now I know does pandora work in australia that biggest has other android and upper back LeRoy as a favorite but. If you're looking for the guy's gonna come through it father Bebo Watson. So McIlroy is the world's number watt but is being ready to finish on top at the masters. I'm not sure he is he is only does he needs this for the career Glen pandora necklaces silver Grand Slam. But his putting is a little bit streaky and when Woodward Mack Gordon misses he that we mrs. left and that's where golfers get punished on. Gust and we thought a little bit on the second hole yet some trouble there. He he's been a little bit uneven us hey so far and in the first round. So I would I'm not betting on him getting complete the career Grand Slam of this event but. He is he's young enough that he's gonna have plenty of time to finally dominate the court. Not Phil Mickelson he's a master's legend but he is over forty and I chronically because we tend to think of this game may be is. As an older person sport I used offers traditionally over forty have a tougher time. They do there they just haven't won its it's been quite a long time Michael now is the last winner. Now Mickelson looked goody of the seven for seven on the on the fairway at the front nine. So he's been looking and he may well hang around the contenders but I think ultimately when they. Put on the green jacket he will be the one that's where in. Any other story lines are watching the tournament this year. I mean the doors slam is definitely a big want to look at this yacht Justin Rose doesn't know Adam Scott. Is tinkering around with the putter that's gonna be banned next year so. Keeping an eye on how well he does and if that's can actually translate once they do indeed. And that type of potter so there's there's a lot of storyline for the biggest but by far is tiger and Rory. Yet yeah I was gonna say we started off asking you about Tiger Woods there's just something about. Tiger words in this and the sport of golf and the popularity of golf has it has the games suffered since he's been on his decline. Without a doubt and I got some numbers this morning actually on about ticket prices on the secondary market. And if tigar it isn't in the top twelve. Ticket prices for the masters on the secondary market or almost a tenth of what they are then when he as a mean we see a real change. In terms of how readily people or even how much people wanna go watch this of that. And it's a little bit it would have been confusing considering how well Rory is done and Bubba Watson has dominated this course but. Tiger still drives. Eyeballs to the sport and all. I can think of another sport where one person can have how much now its power grids popularity.

pandora rings on sale Are able Neil Greenburg thank you so much for joining us Neil Greenburg of the Washington Post. Untie Hernandez in New York. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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