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    Pandora Charms Purple Effervescence Clear Cz 791616CZ

Pandora Charms Purple Effervescence Clear Cz 791616CZ


Council and community galleries a home to local artists Venue: Lismore Regional Gallery Six local artists, including four old friends in life and in art practice, have come together with an exhibition well timed for International Women's Day at Lone Goat Gallery in Byron Bay.

The theme, Essence of Woman was put to the artists to freely interpret, and the six women have done just that. The exhibition's centrepiece is Moana Pearl's impressive sculpture Mahmi, which is a full breasted female figure, intricately woven from banana, flowers, local vines, palms and recycled fabrics and stands over 1.5 metres high. From her take on Pandora's Box to Hawaii's goddess of fire, Pele, Thomas shows a real affinity with her materials, creating allegorical altars, if you like, to honour these powerful figures. Although, Thomas' more traditional painting, entitled Joy, of a naked woman soaking up the sun in a field is everything its title suggests, and along with Martha Calhoun's Meditation, a di chromatic painting of a woman in reflection, represents some of the exhibition's most rewarding quiet moments. Calhoun also works in mixed media modes, incorporating handwritten notes and sheet music pandora online sale into her paintings to add layers of mean and metaphor. Photographer Catherine Marciniak's portraits of four older local women are connected by the appearance of a long piece of richly red fabric, which works not only as the unifying icon in the photographs but as a metaphor of the women's strength and passions. Subtle, quietly powerful and set in some extraordinary North Coast locales, these portraits are beautifully executed. Seeing this exhibition reminds that there are many galleries in the region that support the rich visual arts culture on the North Coast. All three flagship regional charms pandora sale galleries the Tweed, Lismore and Grafton regularly exhibit works by local artists. Commercial cheap pandora bracelets sale galleries like Retrospect in Byron Bay do a similarly enthusiastic job pandora genuine jewelry at promoting local art. Many local councils support community galleries including Roxy Gallery in Kyogle, the Lone Goat in Byron Bay, and The Northern Rivers Community Gallery in Cherry Street, Ballina, which has the benefit of three rooms to hand works. But it's worth noting the community based and volunteer run galleries who do the same with the smell of an oily rag. Two such galleries spring to mind: the Nimbin Artists Gallery and the Serpentine Gallery in Lismore do a great job at providing inexpensive exhibition and artwork sales spaces for local artists.

The Serpentine currently has a group show by member artists on its walls. The annual Nimbin Arts Extravaganza, curated by the Nimbin Artist Gallery in the School of Arts complex, opens for three weeks from April 5. The exhibition will also include daily music recitals and performance art, for those who like their art to be living and breathing.

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