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    May Signature Heart, Royal Green Crystal

May Signature Heart, Royal Green Crystal


cancer survivor frustrated Michelle Minty endured breast cancer, a double mastectomy and emergency surgeries for pandora price australia subsequent infections all while pregnant but the final straw was a nursing shortage that forced the abrupt cancellation of her final reconstructive surgery in September.

The surgery that would have restored her breasts was cancelled as she sat waiting in hospital. Island Health said Minty was the victim of a "perfect storm" staffing shortage, a day when so many nurses called in sick it left some surgical suites unable to operate. Minty's more than two year experience navigating the health care system, from cancer to child birth to reconstructive surgery, illustrates the marvels of modern medicine. She was able to give birth while fighting cancer. It also exposes the pitfalls faced all too often by patients. Minty believes she suffered physically, emotionally and financially because of early discharges, a shortage of family doctors and specialists, and hospital staffing she fears is not as robust as it could be. It all started in July 2012 when Minty's first son, Jax, was just three months old. Minty detected a lump in her breast. A mammogram showed something but her doctor said it was likely a cyst that should be re examined annually. "I went on with life but I kept getting pain in my right breast," said Minty, a new mom at the time. "In my heart I knew it was something else." Two years later, living on the Lower Mainland, the Mintys wanted to return to the Island where the couple met and where husband Ryan grew up. They fell in love with an old farm on Oldfield Road in Central Saanich, where Michelle could keep her horse. Not knowing what was in store for them, in April 2014 they put down their deposit. "We thought yes it needs work but we're young and healthy and strong so let's go for it," Minty said. She had dreams for the property, a new business and a second baby. What she got was a cancer diagnosis. She was told to immediately find a family doctor, a difficult task because many aren't accepting new patients. She resorted to tear filled begging when no one would take her. The first of two prospective doctors gave her a pregnancy test as a precaution. It was positive. The doctor instructed her to have an abortion given her cancer diagnosis. "I was an absolute mess," Minty said. "I thought this cannot be happening. I left the doctor's office devastated and crying in the pandora charms for bracelets waiting room." Another doctor told her to wait to hear about her treatment options from an oncologist. Minty opted for a double mastectomy and was advised that if all the cancer was caught she could forgo the chemotherapy, radiation and drugs that could harm her unborn child. She opted for reconstructive surgery directly following the mastectomy. The mastectomy was successful but after the reconstruction she was ill and weak with pain. Despite her protests she was discharged from pandora charms sale online hospital about three days later, she said. It was a hot summer weekend. On the Monday, her mother in law called the hospital, frantic. Minty was still in pain and vomiting. Her nipples, preserved during the mastectomy, had turned black. Minty was rushed back to hospital with a serious infection and had emergency surgery. She lost her nipples and so called expanders were inserted to hold the place for future implants. But when an incision later burst, one of the expanders was removed. In the midst of losing count of what was going in and what was being taken out of her body, she gave birth, by Cesarean section, to a health baby boy, Marcas, now 21 months. "They are a blessing," said Minty of her two sons. "Honestly, if was not charms for bracelets pandora for them, I don't know, there were times I thought 'I can't do this.'" There was another attempt to reconstruct her breasts, another too early discharge, and more efforts to see an on call doctor. Minty's latest attempt to have her breasts reconstructed involved taking her own fat and muscles and cells from her back. It worked.

Her final implant surgery was to have been on Sept. 27. Her hopes were high, her husband once again had quit his job in the Alberta oil fields to come home to care for their kids, and her mother in law took vacation days.

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