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Clinton Twitter Feud Video Of course after the delay isn't it took tramp about thirty seconds before he's firing what nasty tweets with those short fingers of his so I'll.

That little should finger on the button that's really what scares everybody. That led him as the play by play right. So that we don't war started you have a bomb I go without endorses Hillary Donald Trump immediately hits Twitter and says. Obama just endorsed crook Hillary he wants four years of Obama but nobody else does Hillary comes back fires back with. Delete your account. Main thing. What did I give credit and an inside joke for Twitter yeah I think we really means that someone tried to make an amazing joke and it. Was a total Bob price uninhibited school she's glad we're doing clinical suite on democratic for that Donald. This. Don't you think. It is eager to I'll bet that they are. Critics don't. At this confidant of course being himself comes back and said how long did it take your staff of 823 people to think that up and where are worth 33000 emails. That you've deleted so little bit of the day bear. Act now and writes prince and waves and op head of the RNC instead if pandora charms for necklaces anyone knows how to use the delete key its U talking Hillary so little gap. I don't had a Ryan's previous I took medication for it. But Annan back that they don't have. She basically should not use the word to leak that really gives them ammunition so that was a mistake I cannot. I don't pandora bracelet cheap I don't agree because if she strong enough to handle the backlash because she's strong enough to even the kids she needs to say which she pandora starter bracelet needs to say I'm just I know we're in a different generation but the fact I'm seeing politicians going each other light you know. Rappers or. Right now on Twitter is. I feel is yours and as a does respected as a citizen you know he's stuck pig iron. Think of late a history happening now and have and it archive later on in looking back I want to DC I went to the museum. And it had a you know it has a roomful of newspapers I picked one up from like the eighteen hundreds I couldn't understand it I thought it was a different language it was an English just using words that we don't use anymore. To wit to think that a hundred years from now what we'll look back at the selection in this wars and if you aren't pandora beads on sale so long felt something out you know but you know she he. A Lilly can take him on but there's one person that's really good coming to trap and that is senator Elizabeth wind watch heart scare into him last night was innocent truck. Just picking on someone who is ethically bound not to defend himself. Exactly what you would expect. From a bins skins are racist bully. She is gonna get under Trump's thinned skin because. That guy. What did anything he hates criticism from women I remember when I did a joke about his hair back and today could. Heat turned tiny viciously he wrote in his book I have no talent maybe I don't but he road and in his buck. And he did not say and in that the male comedians who have making jokes about his hair and much homeless the we call it journalist. Who he hates the most Megyn Kelly wouldn't eagle after the most Megyn Kelly. If you put her on the ticket Elizabeth Swann has the vice president and Hillary is the president. That's like two times a lady yeah I'd. I just feel like America you have to look at it like apparently he had two types of kids yet the kidneys just throw in the water at hope that they survived an ace went to the top executive Jack like walk down the steps slowly. A two and I'm down for women rule in the world trust me but I don't know if America. And money let me know that downed the million in government actually and that you think Obama got obstruction I really think there's gonna. None of them allowing droplet Obama obstruction by the accomplished a lot any. What if she needs a left wing baseball and that. Elizabeth why would boring now aren't I see it Narnia's battered though because he already has the momentum behind him already burning started a movement.

And already exists I think Elizabeth Warren's rolling in about a would be sent out there to do what she's doing right here should well and to speak Sheila. And and that will be of help of course you're right coming from two went easy you I'm honestly is a powerhouse I have to go. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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