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Clear Channel Subsidiary To Sell Ads On Pandora Clear Channel subsidiary Katz Media Group will now sell ads on Pandora, along with Pandora sales team, according to AdAge.

you grow as fast as we have this quickly, your inventory gets ahead of you. dont want you looking at an ad while pandora sale sydney youre driving, Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy said at our econSM Conference in May. The company said earlier this year that it planned to increase the number of audio commercials to two or three 15 second spots per hour, up from one often none. Pandora has said it hopes to be profitable by next year. But while the pandora australia online store Clear Channel relationship should definitely help Pandora with those plans, it also could damage the company indy cred, especially among those who turn to online streaming services to pandora charms catalog avoid corporate radio. ReadWriteWeb has a run down of all sorts of criticism that has been leveled at Clear Channel. Westergen downplays the Clear Channel ties, saying in an e mail to us, deal has no bearing on a relationship with Clear Channel as using Doubleclick has no implications for a relationship with Google.

He adds that the frequency of ads on Pandora will not change: from hopefully helping us fill up the unsold audio inventory we have, it will have no impact on our longstanding audio ad strategy which will continue to be short, tasteful and infrequent. Clear Channel, the partnership provides a way for the pandora bracelet jared company to boost its digital efforts. The company launched its online radio ad network last summer, which it claimed at the time was the largest digital radio network.

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