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    Forget Me Not, Purple & Clear CZ

Forget Me Not, Purple & Clear CZ


Daypass replaces paper transfer for bus riders Transit users will no longer be handed paper transfers when they board a bus in Greater Victoria.

The transfers, good for 60 minutes and in one direction only, allow transit users to continue their trip on another bus. But starting Friday, boarding another bus will require another $2.50 cash fare or a $2.25 ticket. Terry Prentice, former Esquimalt councillor and one time director of the Silver Threads, a seniors' advocacy group, said the new policy could be a hardship for some people. "In the short term, I think, it will decrease ridership people will stop using the pandora jewellry australia bus and find an alternative," he said. "In the long term, they will come back, because it's their david yurman jewelry one and only means of transport." The change is part of a move to streamline fares and payment options on the Victoria Regional Transit System. While the transfers will be gone, passengers who need to ride more than one bus will be able to purchase an all day pass from drivers for $5 or two tickets. The pass allows unlimited bus travel for the entire day. Also eliminated will be the $15 sheet of 10 green tickets for seniors and youth. It will replaced by a $22.50 blue sheet, which will be available at retail outlets such as supermarkets and drug stores. The $35 a month youth pass, good for six to 12 months, is also being discontinued. Transit manager of sales and revenue, said the new policy is meant to simplify fare payment, and also boost ridership and revenue, which has been flat for the past three years. "This is basically making transit simpler to understand and easier to use," he said. pandora jewellery sale "The hope is we'll get some ridership out of it." According to the drivers union, transfers are the No. 1 source of conflict between passengers and drivers, Strobl said. Drivers must examine transfers to make sure they are still valid, and passengers can object when a driver refuses to accept a transfer in return for pandora charm bracelet best prices a ride.

"There are a lot of things to validate on that little scrap of paper," Strobl said. "It creates a situation where the drivers and customers can find themselves in a difficult situation.".

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