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    Pandora Peace Charm 79191

Pandora Peace Charm 79191


Connect the World You wouldn expect to see environmentalists fighting the corner for nuclear energy.

But in a pandora gold bracelet with charms provocative new documentary "Pandora's Promise", that's exactly what you get. After decades of "anti nuke" campaigning by all the world's major green groups, the film suggests that embracing nuclear is the only realistic way to end reliance on fossil fuels. Its director, academy award nominated Robert Stone, says that he himself has come full circle in his attitude to nuclear power. Like the five environmentalists he features in Pandora's Promise, Stone was once a fervent anti nuke campaigner. Now he says it's the only way we're going to beat climate change and slams green groups for being pandora charm sets behind the times. "Environmental groups are stuck in the past," he told Becky Anderson. "I think they're completely out of touch with young people and the new realities that we live with today.

" He says the nuclear industry has moved on and latest pandora charms is a cost pandora bracelet lot safer than we all imagine. "We had 50 years of nuclear power, we got 440 reactors operating all over the world and in that time we had three significant accidents". Stone hopes the film, which is released in the UK on November 5th and on iTunes on December 3rd, will at least reignite the debate about nuclear power.

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