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    Disney Snow White dress silver dangle with yellow, red and blue

Disney Snow White dress silver dangle with yellow, red and blue


Broken Halifax ATM never dispensed On October 4, I attempted to make a cash withdrawal from the Halifax branch in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

It took two attempts before the machine accepted my PIN. I asked for 200, but the screen went white with two blue circles. Then it went black with lots of writing. My card came out but no cash was dispensed. After waiting a couple of minutes, I went into the branch. A member of staff tried my cards in one of the machines inside, but had no joy. I gave her my PIN and she then tried the card in the outside machine I had used. She came back with a receipt to show me 200 had been taken out. I did not receive this money, and so wrote to complain. Despite being with this bank for 50 years, it's thrown out my complaint. Mrs P. N., North Humberside. A faulty ATM left one reader 200 out of pocket but Halifax refused a refund Your 50 years of loyalty to Halifax was rewarded with the tersest of responses. In three short paragraphs, a customer services member asserted there was no error with your transaction or the cash machine. Yet your mini statement clearly shows a 200 withdrawal on that day. A number of issues concerned me not least the Halifax staff member using your PIN to test the card outside. I am not accusing any Halifax member of staff of dishonesty, but this does strike me as unusual. Halifax initially sent me a statement, saying: 'If there had been a fault with the ATM preventing cash from being dispensed, then her account would not have been debited. 'It is unclear as to what happened to the cash after she requested it from the ATM and before she entered the branch, as there is no CCTV outside this branch.' The lack inexpensive pandora bracelets of CCTV is, I believe, key. I have also used cash machines where there have been clicks and clunks. On one occasion, I waited for a full two minutes before a series of screwed up tenners were forced out of the machine. I pushed Halifax, as I see no reason why you would have been dishonest. The most likely explanation is the cash took longer than usual to be dispensed and was then picked up by a passer by while you were inside the branch. Alternatively, the machine may have been tampered with pandora charms uk by a crook, who took the money once you had entered the branch. I told Halifax I'd recommend that you take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service. At this stage, it relented. Citing your long history as a customer, but not admitting any responsibility, it refunded 200. YOU HAVE YOUR SAY Every week, Money Mail receives hundreds of your letters and emails about our stories. Here are some from last week's report about how huge pandora bracelet online store tax hikes are threatening the future of thousands of small businesses. The solution is simple: get rid of business rates and replace them with a 1 per cent tax on all sales that are collected with the VAT return. That way, you don't have to worry about valuations or appeals any more, and you also bring business sales into the tax net, M. H., Weston super Mare, Somerset. I don't believe high business rates are the reason the High Street is failing. It's declining because, quite simply, it's had its day in the face of stiff competition from the internet. It doesn't matter how many tax breaks you give it, M. D., Manchester. Why doesn't the Government make sure it taxes the big corporations appropriately instead? For many towns, the disappearance of local shops means the loss of the entire community. A street filled with big, corporate coffee shops and national chains does not a community make, G. R., London. The High Street started to die years ago. Take Exeter, where I'm from: there are now just a handful of small, local businesses, when the streets used to be filled with them. It won't be long before pandora sale charms the entire city centre is controlled by big corporations. It stinks, S. B.

, Exeter, Devon. The corporatisation of the High Street is destroying communities. A large supermarket paid our council 1 million to build over local cricket and football pitches.

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