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    Cherry Blossom, Pink Enamel

Cherry Blossom, Pink Enamel


bread is heavenly Located in the picturesque and historic Genesee River Valley in New York state, amongst 1,200 acres of forests rural farmland, ravines, rolling hills and a meandering creek, is the Abbey of The Genesee.

The abbey, founded in 1951, is where a group of 30 Trappist monks live a simple life devoted to prayer, study/reading and work. Brother Anthony Weber, Vocation Director for trollbeads the monastery told me, "I first entered the community when I was 18 years of age and I wouldn't have had it any other way." The cheerful, energetic 73 year old monk explained that their bakery is the main source of revenue for the monks and profits they earn go towards their pandora charms on sale store charitable works. If you have difficulty finding the abbey, simply follow the smell of freshly baked bread. Eleven different breads ($2 to $2.50 each) are baked here. It's the type of bread you can simply eat right from the package without butter. I polished off a half loaf of warm raisin bread before I got home. They bake approximately 36,000 to 40,000 loaves a week and pandora charms diamond ship them to supermarkets throughout New York state and nearby Pennsylvania. In addition to the breads there are four different holiday fruit cakes ($6.50 for a pound, $11 for two pounds) wrapped in packages that read, "Mixed with love and wrapped with a prayer for God's deals on pandora jewelry blessing of peace in the world with hopes that it will awaken your memories of holidays past and fill your heart with the joy of life." There's an assortment of coffees and cookies and 29 different jams made by the Trappist monks of St. Joseph Abbey in Spencer, Maryland. and one hour before and after the 9:45 Mass. Retreats are offered Monday afternoons until Friday mornings and you are expected to spend your time in silence and prayer. Those capable of doing so are asked for an offering of $50 per day. Nearby Geneseo Village About a 10 minute drive from the abbey is the idyllic Village of Geneseo (pop. 7, 500). Department of the Interior. It lives up to its designation. First, street parking is only a quarter for an hour. Their wide Main Street is a delight to stroll. One of the places on the charming street I popped into was The Livingston County News where I met the newspapers managing editor, Mark Gillespie. Mark told me, "There's more to Geneseo than meets the eye. We have lots of music, art and theatre along with champion sports teams. The State University of New York, which is located here, keeps our community forever young." Take the time to walk not only Main Street but the side streets where you'll find great examples of historic century old homes and churches each with a story to tell. Where to eat Whenever I visit a different place I always ask, where do the locals eat? The answer was consistent: Papa Jay's Cafe. I made my way to the outskirts of the village to a non pretentious building at 4162 Reservoir Rd. Jay and Kathy Phillips and their children, Jillian, Jessica and Daniel, were all hard at work serving andpreparing some of the nicest looking meals I've seen in a long time. The place had a homey feeling to it. When you enter you look at the chalkboard in front of you and place your order. I soon learned why it was so popular. Meals are made from scratch and reasonably priced. I had the 1/2 sandwich and a bowl of chicken with rice homemade soup (filled with lots of chicken).

For desert, I ordered a slice of homemade peach and raspberry pie and home made (it really is home made) vanilla ice cream. You won't go away hungry. Closed on Sunday and Monday.

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