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Countdown to Thanksgiving Back now with our countdown to Thanksgiving.

Ayesha curry is here. She's got a new cookbook out. It's called "The seasoned life." She's spicing up our Thanksgiving sides. Welcome, ayesha, first time here. charms for pandora Loving your show on the pandora silver charm bracelet food network. Thank you so much. It's been a whirlwind. Saturdays at 12:00, 11:00 central. All of this comes naturally to you. I love the way it brings everybody together. What are we doing? Mac and cheese. Yes, yes. And this recipe is in the book. Okay. I do it a little different. It's not your traditional Mac and cheese. We're warming our pandora online shopping milk. We have an egg. We're going to whisk it up. You want to temper the egg. Get a little bit of this in. We don't want to it curdle. We don't want to curdle. Do you do that? Ment you don't want cooked negs your now we're where to buy pandora beads going slowly put that in. What else? I got you, I got you. We have our cheese. And I helped! I love it. So we have our cheese here. Sharp cheddar. Ooh. Perfect. Perfect. It gets tough. Here's a little spatula. Better. We have salt. I love sugar many my Mac and cheese. A tiny bit of sugar. That's a tiny bit? It's going to turn into this big dish. Ground mustard. Adds a nice little kick. Pizzaz. All that goes in? And what the egg is going to do is BIPD everything. How long does it bake? 425 for 5 or 30 minutes. That goes in there. I make a topping. We have parmesan cheese. Bre breadcrumbs. Pancetta. A little salt. Parsley. We Mick it all together. And then we just I like it. Pop it on top. That will cook and crisp up. That's going to look like that. Oh, wonderful. Hello. We heard Mac and cheese. It's perfect. I love it. Amazing. So good. Hwhat is this? My spiced butternut squash mash. What is your special ingredient? Curry powder. Oh zmchlt. And I have cashew butter. It makes it creamy. Added protein if you're looking for that on Thanksgiving. We put that all in there. We can just combine everything. Let's mash that up first. I'll mash. You talk. I want on make sure we get to that. Brussels sprouts. Chop them in half. Onions. Pear. Yeah, uh huh. We bake that off in the oven at 425, 450 until everything gets crisp and golden grown. Dried cranberries. Honey. A squeeze of lemon.

Get the recipes online. This is all the ran now. This transcript has been automatically generated and may not be 100% accurate.

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