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    Pandora Ladybugs Murano Glass Charm Lavender 790652

Pandora Ladybugs Murano Glass Charm Lavender 790652


Boyfriend Video Destroys YouTube Records Justin Bieber's latest video is a record breaker.

Imagine that. In order to help promote pandora cheap australia the ridiculously famous singer's latest album, the slightly misshapen marketing wizards working pandora original bracelet behind the scenes posted the video for Bieber's single "Boyfriend" on YouTube. You know, in hopes that one or two people would happen by, click PLAY, and then tell all of their closest friends just how impossibly cool the latest clip truly is. Instead of a small gathering of viewers, "Boyfriend" logged nearly 8 million views in just 24 hours. That's pretty impressive, regardless of whether or not you hate the kid with an undying passion. Presently, the music video sports just over 18 millions views, and that doesn't include the audio version of the song, which has amassed over 10 millions views on its own.

Suffice it to say, record executives at Bieber's label are banking on his latest musical endeavor to sell quite a few copies when it arrives later this year. "Boyfriend" is currently the most popular video every posted to YouTube. And you know how pandora silver bracelet that makes Bieber's Twitter followers feel? cookie lee jewelry Incredibly happy, that's how! You can sample their unending love for the Bieb by taking a quick stroll through the posts embedded below.

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