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    Butterfly silver dangle with cubic zirconia

Butterfly silver dangle with cubic zirconia


Be on guard formoretent cities Re: "Neighbours continue to clean up on Pandora," letter, Sept.

21. Those of us who live around the former tent city on Burdett Avenue can appreciate the challenges of those pandora necklace like bracelet living on Pandora Avenue and Johnson Street having to pick up assorted drug paraphernalia. However, those who live close to other city parks must be pandora charms on sale concerned that their parks or green spaces could end up becoming a tent city with all of its associated problems. Coun. pandora charms countries Ben Isitt has made it clear he believes there is a future for tent cities in Victoria (as long as it is not in his neighbourhood or where his young daughter lives). No doubt there are other councillors who believe the same. Mayor Lisa Helps stated that consideration pandora charms new for a tent city is only off the agenda for the immediate future but not dead.

I urge those living in other neighbourhoods, particularly close to downtown (Fairfield, James Bay, Fernwood, North Park and Rock Bay/the Gorge), to take note. Make your feelings known to council. Otherwise, you might end up experiencing similar problems in the future.

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