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Chrysler Brings Internet Radio to Its Dashboards Chrysler announced today at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that apps for some of the most popular internet radio pandora charms outlet sale services will be added to its Uconnect software in the near future.

The car manufacturer is calling the feature "Uconnect Access Via Mobile," and it allows streaming radio from Pandora Internet Radio, Slacker Radio, iHeart Radio, and Aha. "The Uconnect team at Chrysler Group is committed to delivering connectivity solutions that enable drivers to further enjoy the in vehicle experience without compromising the task at hand, which is driving," said Marios Zenios, vice president of Uconnect Systems and Services. "Our introduction of Uconnect Access Via Mobile is consistent with this goal." There pandora charms retailers was no set date announced for the feature's launch, only a vague promise that it will arrive "this year.

" The apps themselves should be similar to ones seen on other mobile platforms. Chrysler promises that Pandora users will be able to thumbs up or down sale pandora charms their music, and that Slacker fans can "heart" music or ban it. In addition, the apps will be updatable, and there was also mention of steering wheel controls to enable pandora rings song skipping.

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