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believing the next rate movement is going down JOHN Howard was relaxed and comfortable.

Homeowners mortgaged to the hilt were quite the opposite. The banks were preparing to rake in even more from us. And Treasurer Peter Costello seemed uncomfortable defending it all. The Reserve Bank's decision yesterday to raise interest rates took no one by surprise. Governor Glenn Stevens flagged it even before new figures showed underlying inflation has edged just above the Reserve's target zone of 2 3 per cent. We've all done our calculations, and know what it will cost us. For homeowners, where can i buy pandora rings mortgage bills will now rise by a quarter of a percentage point. The banks' standard home loan rate will jump to 8.07 per cent, its highest level since February 1997. But then, households owed $195 billion on their mortgages. Now they owe more than $800 billion. Household incomes have risen 75 per cent, but mortgage bills have quadrupled. This interest rate rise is going to hurt more people than any since 1994. The statistics show a rapidly rising number of mortgage defaults by borrowers, and repossessions as banks take over homes and sell them off. In the epicentre of the housing boom and bust, Campbelltown in Sydney's south west, LJ Hooker estate agent Elton Jardine told AAP that 500 or so homes a year are now being sold by mortgagees in the region. "Going back two years ago it probably would have been 50, that gives you an indication of just how tightly people are hanging on," he said. That will now worsen. This is the pandora bracelets and charms store locator third rate rise this year, the eighth since 2002. Simon Tennent, of the Housing Industry Association, said those who borrowed $250,000 to buy a home would now pay $122 a month more than they did six months ago. "For Australia's 2.2 million mortgage holders, many will need to tighten their belt another notch," he said. "However, for the 650,000 families who have taken on a mortgage in the past five years, many will be taken to the brink." Most however will cope, by cutting discretionary spending. On the stock exchange, shares in retailers took a tumble. The find pandora bracelets tourism industry is bracing for a subdued January. But yesterday the new boss at the Reserve made it clear he did not buy the line that the economy, at least in the eastern states, is hovering close to recession. "Domestic demand has been expanding at a relatively strong pace against a background of limited spare capacity," Mr Stevens said. "Businesses are reporting high levels of capacity usage the pace of credit growth has remained strong Wages have continued to grow at a faster than average pace." The big question is where interest rates go from here. And the answer to that question probably explains why John Howard seemed so unfazed by it pandora charm warranty all. After all, as Kim Beazley reminded us yesterday, Mr Howard was the guy who told us in 2004 that "This election will be about trust: who do you trust Who do you trust to keep interest rates low?" Since then, interest rates have risen four times, and the family with a typical mortgage is now at least $100 a month worse off. Yesterday Mr Howard fobbed off bumpy questions and reminding us that "the Reserve Bank sets interest rates in this country". He sees ahead. He knows the economy is slowing, as high mortgage and petrol bills cramp consumer spending, and business investment peaks. And as the economy goes down, so do interest rates. The political equation is simple: the more rates rise this year, the more likely they are to fall next year as we head into an election. When rates rose in May and August, the markets immediately (and correctly) punted on yet another rise ahead.

Yesterday, they put the chances of another rise at less than 50 per cent. This is probably the last rise. The next rate move will be down.

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