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Coming of Age in Iran Kiana Hayeri unveils the intimate and unseen lives of young Iranian men and women cheap pandora beads australia coming of age in a segregated, isolated Iran. She shares these stories from behind the scenes, where young people are trying to find a place to explore, discover, indulge in desires, and search for themselves and for freedoms no matter how small or fleeting, hoping to live outside the realities of a country controlled by religious rule. From the series the Veil Launch Gallery Hayeri is an insider born, raised, and currently living in Tehran but she is also an outsider, having lived in Toronto and studied at Ryerson University. "I was very comfortable with photography because I didn't have to explain myself, so I started to relate to it very well," she says. For Hayeri, storytelling is a key motivation and photography the means to that expression. "As an artist, you're telling your own story through your art, whereas a photographer or a documentarian [is] telling other people's stories." From the series Day I Became a Woman Launch Gallery Living in Tehran means leading a dual life. "Growing up with that culture, you learn you live at home in a way, and then on the streets it's different." Women are instructed to wear a hijab to cover their hair, as well as a manteau, which covers the body, to ensure they practice modesty. However, this is no guarantee against unwanted gestures and actions from men. "There is a lot of harassment toward women: in a known environment at work, or within family, or [from] a complete stranger." From the series the Veil Launch Gallery As a Pakistani girl growing up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, I can relate. Censorship and segregation of the sexes were evident in every aspect of life: McDonald's seating booths were more like stalls that were enclosed with shutters, and teenagers flirted by throwing French fries into neighboring stalls. But this strict division didn't stop people from throwing house parties fully furnished with drugs, alcohol, and unprotected sex. Hayeri has intimately documented the lives of young Iranians who make up more than half of the population. Being a woman in Iran isn't easy, let alone being a female photographer. "It's really hard to photograph in public, out on the street," Hayeri says. "If you take your DSLR camera out, it probably takes about 5 to 10 minutes [before] somebody comes up to you and stops you from photographing and that person can be either an official or somebody ordinary. I'm careful not to jeopardize my subjects." From the series Day I Became a Woman Launch Gallery But as Hayeri notes, change is coming to Iran, things like "gaining more freedom about how you dress or how you interact with the opposite sex, [which have been] a struggle for 30 or 40 years since the Islamic revolution. Slowly by slowly it's changing, and the change has been drastic in the past, I would say, five to seven years." For example, the Tehran Times, a place where citizens upload pictures of themselves dressed in fashionable attire, would not have existed a few years ago. Similarly, speaking about sex outside of marriage used to be taboo, but it is now openly talked about in major metropolitan cities. From the series the Veil Launch Gallery For Hayeri, the challenge of photographing and sharing her work is worth its weight in gold. "It is a personal journey for me. I do work that I care about, I do work that I'm curious to find out. It is a pleasure for me to expose little parts of the ordinary life of people here." From the series the Veil Launch Gallery Hayeri's work challenges the roles where can i buy a pandora charm bracelet of women, religion, adulthood, self expression, and censorship, asking questions and offering glimpses. She was the recipient of a National Geographic grant awarded at the 2011 Eddie Adams Workshop. Kevin O'Reilly, it is a sad comment that women are no more than the Western men Males of our species have premier design jewelry generally conformed to the pattern that they are the larger, stronger, more aggressive, and dominant gender. Females have tended in the past to be the more genteel, compassionate, nurturing, and supportive gender. Our social organization for thousands of years was based on these character or basic personality models. There was a functional division of labor at price of pandora bracelet the family unit level which facilitated our success as a species, a society, and a civilization. We evolved from the hunter gatherer and our psyche has not evolved into the machine age as rapidly as our bodies and our intellect. Humans still possess the primal instincts and emotions of our ancient progenitors. I seem to recall a book entitled Naked Ape which expresses this theory. We are in a world gone mad because the basic rules of male female relations no longer apply. Females were the stabilizing force that tempered the male aggression, but now they are in direct competition with the male in almost every aspect of our lives. Rather than evolving and adapting slowly, women have leaped from the supportive role to the antagonistic in a revolutionary and dramatic manner. Women have developed from the bearer of our children and suppliers of stability into confrontational competitors that are their male counterparts. In some less developed cultures this has resulted in repression of women, because they have redefined their role and challenged traditional behavior. They have not been replaced in the scheme of society, they have simply abandoned their place in the natural order of human relationships. More technologically advanced societies have polluted the less advanced with notions of equality of males and females. The fact of the matter is that we are each specialized to perform specific functions, and these functions are no longer being adequately performed. We are in a process of decline due to this dysfunction. Women are seeking validation by alienating those with whom they should be bonding. It is obvious that the longer these conditions persist that the weaker the bond becomes, and it threatens our ability to create a stable society. Unable to establish a clear separation in the identity and role of male and female, we are seeing more abberant behavior, even deviant behavior, that does not conform to the functional role for which the two genders were created and intended by design or evolution. Studies of overcrowding have been conducted with rodents with similar results to that which develops in humans crowded into confined spaces; such as occurs in our large cities. The lack of privacy and the inability to achieve solitude, leads inexorably to frustration, hostility, and aggression. In rodents, a competition for food due to the overcrowding often leads to violence, and they are not above cannibalism. Compare that, if you will, to some of the events occurring on Friday where people crowd around a store to secure something they desire. The resultant pushing, shoving, jostling, close proximity, verbal and physical confrontations is typical animal behavior; not a civil human interaction. We are the hunter gatherer warrior again, and the thin veneer of civilization disappears and the animal surfaces, although we usually refrain from murder and cannibalism. We are, none the less, reduced to adversarial animals reacting to the irresistable attraction of something so insignificant as a Women have been Pandora box has been opened, and the Geni has been released from the bottle. Women are no longer willing or capable of granting unlimited wishes without imposing certain provisos, conditions, codicils, rules, and restrictions, which are not conducive to mutual cooperation. Males and females are no longer bonding in exclusive relationships that enable them to work in unison and function in harmony. Miley Cyrus may arouse my libido, but she would never command my respect, devotion, or self sacrifice. Self reliance, independence, and overt hostility have replaced interdependence and mutual cooperation. We are all reduced when women immulate the male persona. We are a dying race, dying because the feminine is being purged from the female. It is genocide and suicide on such a grand scale that it is truly more depraved than anything ever dreamt of by mortal man or achieved by machines of war. We are hunters, gatherers, farmers, shepherds, fishermen, herdsmen, builders, dreamers, and anachronisms. I like the photos thanks for those but your opinion, especially when presented as fact, just reads like someone brainwashed to believe everything western humanistic values says about what freedom has to be like. What if the girls CHOOSE to cover up, what if both genders WANT to be separated, that might be why places like McDonalds offer options we all know no corporation doesn do anything unless it receives positive feedback. I admire Hayeri for addressing these controversial facts abou life of women in Iran. It is our men as well as our women who need to be educated about what it means to be free and what it entails in being a human regardless of one gender. Sometimes the shame of living under a condition gives birth to the denial that keeps us hostage in the worst situation. Accepting reality of life in Iran for both men and women. Is painful. Who says it is dignifying for a man whose mother, sister, wife or daughter is treated as half. What is this if not ignorance. Yes our Iranian men need to be educated along Iranian women.

Thanks for reading. With freedom comes responsibility; not just to defend freedom, but to exercise restraint, self discipline, and mutual respect. There are negative consequences to the exercise of unbounded freedom, consequences that are just as real as those which occur when the physical laws which govern our existence are violated.

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