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CDC Director Thomas Frieden Plays 'Not My Job' Anyone who watches movies knows that when a mysterious disease breaks out.

or when zombies show up. or when a meteorite causes people to mutate into giant glowing worms, the place you go for answers is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We've invited CDC Director Thomas Frieden to play a game called "Try to stop these viruses!" Companies are constantly trying to make their campaigns "go viral," infecting purchase pandora charms brains all over the world. Frieden will answer three questions about viral marketing ideas gone awry. And now, the game where people who do important things see what it's like to do something else. Everybody who watches TV or movies knows when the mysterious disease breaks out, when the zombies come, when the meteorite causes people to mutate into giant glowing worms, well the place you go for answers is the Centers for Disease Control, right here in Atlanta. Thomas Frieden is the director of the CDC and we are delighted and somewhat worried to have him with us now. SAGAL: pandora finished bracelets Dr. Frieden, welcome pandora style beads australia to the show. Great to have you. SAGAL: We looked up your credentials. It says you're an MD, MPH, you're the director of the CDC and the administrator of the ATSDR and you're formerly of the WHO and the DOHMH and the implementer of the RNTCP in India. How do we know those all aren't just made up? DOCTOR THOMAS FRIEDEN: Wikipedia, of course. SAGAL: Wikipedia, we found that out, that's true. So you started in something called the EIS? SAGAL: The Epidemic Intelligence Service. SAGAL: All right, seems like a simple solution. ROCCA: I mean, just like there must bridges, just move to the other side, if the west side is giving you that much problem. SALIE: Is the CDC in part responsible for, you know, the standing Purell dispensers that are everywhere now, especially on cruise ships? FRIEDEN: Well, they've gotten real popular, and cruise ships is something that we work on closely with the cruise ship industry to try to make sure they're as safe as possible. SALIE: Do you get to go on cruises all the time? ROCCA: I have a question. You've opened that whole Pandora's Box. We have to talk about hand sanitizing lotion. The issue that I have is that at my office. There is a hand sanitizing lotion dispenser right outside of the bathroom. Here's the problem. When I leave the bathroom after washing my hands, I want to go there for extra cleansing, but people that are standing around there look at me, and then I think they're going to think I didn't wash my hands in the bathroom. ROCCA: So I'm too embarrassed to use it. So should I just get over it? What should I do? FRIEDEN: I think you need to talk about that with somebody else. SAGAL: A different kind of doctor. SAGAL: So you picked up the newspaper and said, oh, my organization has just issued a statement denying that there are zombies. Oh good. Glad they don't need me monitoring their everyday activities. FRIEDEN: It was actually a great way to get people to think about, you know if you're prepared for a zombie, you're charm bracelets australia online really prepared for a hurricane, a tornado, an infectious disease, just about anything. SAGAL: And just like, if you're prepared for zombies, you're prepared for hurricanes. The hurricane is bearing down on Florida, and they're all standing in their front yards with a shotgun. I don't think so. SAGAL: I should say to the people at home, Roy Blount actually just tossed a deep fried peach pie to the director of the CDC. I have always wanted to say something like this to someone like you. You know, those will kill you. SAGAL: Well, Dr. Frieden, we are delighted to have you here. We thank you for the good work you've done for public health. But, right now, our purpose is to play a game that this time we're calling? CARL KASELL: Try to stop these viruses. SAGAL: So, some viruses like Ebola are bad. Viral marketing, though, worse. Companies are constantly trying to make their campaigns go viral, infecting brains all over the world. We're going to ask you about three such viral marketing campaigns. Get two right, you'll win a prize for one of our listeners. Carl, who is Dr. Friedan playing for? KASELL: He is playing for Luke Copeland of Warner Robbins, Georgia.

SAGAL: All right, you ready to play? SAGAL: Here's your first question. Adidas, the sporting goods company, came up with what they thought was a great viral marketing idea in Japan. It was a phone app that when you activated it did what? A: permanently alter all your photos in your phone so that everyone in them is wearing Adidas clothing? SAGAL: B: changes your ringtone to a voice yelling "I'm fat and slow because I don't exercise enough".

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