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    Captivating Heart Charm

Captivating Heart Charm


Cat Does Meow Mix Remix For Del Monte Gaining genuine pandora some notoriety for holding his white persian cat a la a Bond villain on The Voice, Cee Lo Green and his cat were offered to do a remix of Del Monte's annoying "Meow Mix" commercial.

The track features buy a pandora bracelet his well known cat Purrfect, who he rescued this year and has brought in to The Voice studio to do a number pandora rings jewelry sale of segments. "Purrfect what is a pandora bracelet was thrilled to hear about this new deal with Meow Mix cat food," Green said in a statement. "That sultry purr of hers is perfect for a modernized remix of the iconic Meow Mix jingle. Watch out cats!" "This is truly the 'perfect' opportunity to introduce the Meow Mix cat food jingle to a whole new audience of pet lovers," said Sue Resnicoff, Director of Cat Food Marketing, Del Monte Foods, in a statement.

"We're so thrilled CeeLo and Purrfect the Cat were up for the job of remixing this classic and memorable jingle." The entire track is obviously comprised of humans making a "meow" noise, so I'm not exactly sure where Purrfect actually came into the picture. But it is pretty smart viral ish marketing campaign for Del Monte.

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