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Crown defends reliability of evidence in final day of B Supreme Court on Friday with the Crown arguing the bulk of marriage and personal records entered as evidence corroborate each other.

Prosecutor Peter Wilson rejected suggestions from the defence that the records were unreliable in the trial discount pandora bracelets of pandora outlet uk Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler, who are from the fundamentalist community of Bountiful in where to sell pandora bracelet southeastern British Columbia, where residents are known for practising a religion that condones plural marriage. Blackmore's lawyer Blair Suffredine said in closing arguments Thursday that records presented as evidence, some of which were incomplete, were unreliable and that the Crown had to prove the accused had both a marriage and conjugal relationship with multiple women over 24 years. can you buy pandora charms online and into Canada. Wilson told the court Friday the documents as a whole contain corroborating evidence that fill in gaps for individual records.

Wilson also argued that the Crown does not have to prove the polygamous marriages were a continuous relationship, as suggested by Suffredine and Joe Doyle, a court appointed lawyer who is there to ensure a fair trial for Oler, who is self represented. Wilson pointed to a constitutional reference case in 2011 that defined polygamy as a crime and that the harms outweigh the individual rights to freedom of religion. Part of that ruling concluded the Crown does not have to prove relationships were ongoing or whether they lasted or not, just that a marriage or a conjugal union had occurred, Wilson said.

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